Finding Your Muse in the Music

Franz Ignaz G√ľnther
The Muse Clio Writing History 

Writing is a solitary pursuit that can leave you drained, both emotionally and physically. If you write for any length of time you develop tools out of necessity to combat stress and rejuvenate. I call it filling up the well. In addition to focusing on a healthy diet, regular exercise, and herbal medicine, I like to use music to inspire my creative muse and to help balance my mood. I asked other authors if they did the same, and how it affected their writing. If you've never thought about using music as both inspiration and auditory drug, you might find this article helpful. You can click the READ MORE HERE link, below, to read the entire article here on the blog, or read it on my web site. Happy writing, and muse hunting!


Sexual Innuendo: Nice Way To Start My Day

Okay, so I don't make a habit of looking at the reviews of my work on Amazon or any other sites that sell my short eBooks or the anthology I'm currently in. I write what fires me up (pun intended) and if other people like it (usually women) great! If not, I'm still going to write what I want. So, I do glance occasionally at statistics, though admittedly they're usually earnings, not reviews or rankings. My life has been a roller coaster of crazy for the last two years and the last thing I need is to get my panties in a bunch over the fact that someone thought my short story was too short because it wasn't a novel...eh? Or because my sexy archangel erotic romance was not a spiritual rendering of the Archangel Gabriel. What? (Yep, writers get reviews like this--you see why we try not to read them very much?) And yes, sometimes we fail miserably because we can't help ourselves and in weak moments, we peek at them anyway... and then we make the sounds that Snoopy made after Lucy made a fuss about being kissed by a dog and needing hot water and iodine. But, if you're too young to remember the Peanuts episode I'm recalling, I'd describe it as a lot like a cat coughing up a hairball in slow motion from inside the depths of a tuba. But I digress...

So, I had an incredibly pleasant surprise while visiting Amazon today, intending not to look at reviews, but to check that a category update I'd made displayed properly. But while signed on I peeked of course. Underneath the main review for Going Down: Oral Sex Stories, in which my story DOVER TO VICTORIA STATION appears, was this:
Lip-smackingly superb! 
That's what writer and editor Susie Bright wrote about the anthology I'm in. (The collection is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussell, a diva among erotica anthology editors, second only to Violet Blue in my humble opinion). Susie herself is quite famous and both women and men have her to thank for a great deal of sex-positive education. I admit I'm in incredibly good company in this collection as the other authors are more widely published in the erotica genre than I, and are all exceptional writers. I'm honored to be included in this anthology. The fact that it's consistently getting 5-star reviews is just a kick, and it's especially great to have well-known names saying such lovely--and naughty--things about it. 

Made my f*cking day! (I'm channeling Debra Morgan this year...fair warning!)