Happy Halloween!

Welcome to my new blog home, and a very Happy Halloween to all you scary but, warm-hearted trick or treaters.
I'm a bit of a closet goth, so this is truly a favorite holiday of mine. In fact, I stunned my entire family when I was 9 yrs old by proclaiming I wanted an entirely black bathroom when I grew up (this was long before the term "goth" was even coined). Since my family decorated in French provincial and Colonial, this got quite the reaction, and I wondered for years if I'd been adopted or placed in the family by aliens?
Speaking of aliens, for all you adults looking for a naughty but wonderful treat for yourself as you recover from eating too much candy, try my new erotic romance eShort, Be Careful What You Wish For. This hot read features a sexy alien disguised as an elf who invades a woman's dreams. It goes on sale November 2nd at Amazon and Smashwords and other fine eBook retailers). And, hey, it's less fattening than candy and a whole lot more fun at only $.99! You can read it on your PC, your Kindle, your Nook, iPhone and many other devices.
This Halloween, like many of you, I'll be in costume (G-rated for the trick-or-treaters, of course!) so I can scare silly the adorables dressed in their cute and scary costumes (Well, just a little scare, and all in good fun of course...bwaahaahaha!).
Have a spooky and safe holiday!