Sex and SF and elves, oh my!

Hi, and welcome to my blog! I write erotic romance in fantasy and futuristic settings. If you enjoy reading about heroic and immortal elves, archangels and green men, along with the women who steal their hearts, you’re in the right place.
Below is an excerpt from my first eShort, Be Careful What You Wish For, an erotic romp involving an alien disguised as an elf who invades a woman’s dream as her fantasy lover. This eShort is available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords for eReading devices Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, and many more. It’s also available to read on your PC, or for your iPhone, iPad, Droid, or other handheld device with a Kindle app. Best of all? … It’s only $.99! Yep. Get your sexy romance fix for less than the price of a cup of coffee … and a whole lot hotter! It makes a great thank you or stocking stuffer gift for that special romance reader in your life, too. Enjoy!

She thought he was only a dream lover …
But the elf with the long, silver hair and the Aegean-blue eyes is a traveler from across space. And her dream is his doorway …
If she refuses him, all mankind will be decimated by one of his own people - a chaos being that arrived ahead of him.

Note: The following excerpt is meant for the enjoyment of adult romance readers.

I open my eyes. I’m standing at the edge of a small lagoon, my body drenched in warm sunlight. A gentle wind stirs the cool grass, the blades tickling my bare feet. An aqua sky floats overhead. A rush of water draws my attention and I turn to find the sound. Across the pool, wide frothy columns spill down from above, sending up clouds of fine white mist that drift along the surface like smoke. The air is heavy with it, and it dampens my skin. I inhale. The clean, clinging scent of wet and earth and pine fill me.
A faint breeze blows, and my nipples tighten in response.
I know I’m only dreaming. If I look down, will I find my nightgown gone, my body naked? The thought makes me uncomfortable. Angry. I don’t want to know I’m somewhere else. It’s so beautiful here.
A movement in the center of the pool draws my attention. I feel as if I’m observing everything from a distance. The water starts to churn under the mist. Air bubbles rise and pop.
Sea monster.
My heart races as the thought springs to my mind from nowhere. Oh, sure. In fresh water? I giggle and let myself relax. It’s just a dream, after all, and I’m giddy with anticipation. I want to know what’s under the surface of that roiling water.
Maybe it’s the Lady of the Lake come to deliver up Excalibur? Ha! But I’m not Arthur. And this isn’t Camelot. Wait—what if it is? I laugh out loud at the thought.
Something is coming up out of the water now. I should be frightened.
I’m not. Amazingly, I’m  simply curious. The mist begins to part as whatever it is breaks the surface.
The sea monster is pale, or at least it has pale hair on its head. Blond, no … silver! I see a forehead, thin eyebrows, eyelids … faint lashes.
Not a sea monster … a woman? Must be the Lady of the Lake, or maybe a mermaid? I giggle.
But then the eyes open and I’m galvanized, run through by a searing glance of bluer than blue, piercing straight into me. Nose, mouth, strong chin emerge. Not a woman. A man. Yet his features are finely formed, exquisite and flawless. Beautiful. And he has … pointed ears?!
His eyes remain fixed, pinning me, as broad shoulders follow his head above the surface. Oh my. Very muscular shoulders. Dear gods of Olympus. Stunning pecs and the most glorious washboard stomach I’ve ever seen rise from the water. The breath whooshes from my lungs as if I’ve been sucker-punched. Not a stitch of clothing covers his sculpted form. He has the physique of a Greek god. Not rounded, like the masters carved, but more slender … a body that would tempt an ice queen. His hair is long and thick and reflective. It makes me think of starlight and mirrors.
Men don’t have ears and hair like that. Elf.
The corners of his perfect pink mouth turn upward. A knowing smile spreads across his face. And I understand—am certain—that he has just heard my thoughts.
Now I’m afraid for the first time. My earlier humor is forgotten. I stare, unable to look away from his lithe form as he continues to rise from the pool. Water sluices from naked flesh, running in small rivulets from thick ropes of sparkling hair as he moves toward me through water and swirling mist.
The sunlight seems magnified on his skin, reflecting as if bouncing off metal. I wonder how he’ll feel under my hands.
So tall …
Narrow hips and an impossibly flat abdomen emerge, and my eyes are drawn to the thin line of glossy down below his navel that disappears under the waterline. The muscles in my belly and thighs clench in response to the sight, and a fluttering warmth starts inside me. I know very well what’s coming next, and I can't look away …


  1. You definitely know how to build anticipation!

  2. LOL, yes, let's hope readers enjoy the what's coming next as much as I enjoyed writing about it :) Thanks for stopping by, Frankie!