Art-Inspired, Gabriel's Release Available!

Happy Holly Daze! 
The holidays are a great time to reflect on what has inspired your art. The inspiration for my Archangels Descending series was partly inspired by the work of other artists. Several years ago while purchasing a stunning archangel fantasy print (Ascension) by artist Ruth Thompson, I was also listening to an ebm/futurepop track called Darkangel by the group VNV Nation. That piece of music was released a long time ago, and so was Ms. Thompson's artwork, but art continues to inspire us as long as it is out in the world waiting to be appreciated by new admirers. That's what a good writer always hopes to do for her reader ... to stir or inspire emotion. Cezanne, the famous painter, once said
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art. 


Don't Settle: Make a Rainbow! Blaze a Trail!

Are you someone who waits on the weather for a glimmer of those elusive rainbows, or are you someone who makes their own rainbows? Are you a follower or are you a trail blazer? 

I've been traveling the "indie" publishing path this year and I recently made a decision not to renew my membership in a large writer's organization after seeing little change on behalf of indie authors, e-published authors, small presses, and the erotic romance genre throughout my twelve years of membership. Investing my money and volunteer time in that organization, even the time equated to money in my world because I work two jobs -- one as an IT professional, the other as a self-published author wearing many hats, including PR firm. I enjoy marketing almost as much as the writing itself so it's a good fit. But being vocal about the reasons for my departure, as you can imagine, resulted in lots of flak for going against the majority. So be it. I've got thick skin (I'm a writer, after all). 
I'm also an entrepreneur at heart, and have been since reporting for regional newspapers while still a junior in high school. So, this certainly wasn't the first time in my life I was criticized for what I deemed to be a pointed case of not settling for something I didn't want. Won't be the last. I'm not the type to play doormat with my time, money or talent. But one author's response really caught my attention, and not because it was meant negatively. On the contrary, it was meant as good advice from a more experienced author who has been around the block -- and then some. This was someone whose advice I valued. Her response:
"You have to put up with the rain if you want the rainbow." 
... that's a famous Dolly Parton quote. 
I thought, okay, let's think about that. In my zeal to pursue my career and my life on my own uncompromising terms, did I miss something vital? Was I throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water in my determination to never settle? (continued)